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The Top 5 Dow Jones Stocks You Should Invest In


What are the top five Stocks that all investors should own in 2017? If you ask an investor this question, they will likely tell you to choose Dow Jones Industrial Average stocks. The Dow Jones is made up of 30 of the largest companies in America.

These companies have a solid history of strong performances and they tend to pay excellent dividends. This is why anybody should add it to their retirement portfolio.

If you cannot invest in the 30 components of the Dow, there are different ways to approach the situation. You can lean towards a tech, healthcare or financial based portfolio because the companies on the Dow Jones Industrial Average operate in those sectors. ETFs have also become a popular way to invest in the sectors for the Dow.

Will the Dow Jones Stay Above 13,000?

Hovering in the 12,800 to the 13,000 range, the Dow Jones is often a barometer of the economy. As the United States economy unfolds in 2012, it will have to overcome several hurdles before the Dow Jones can possibly stay above 13,000 for an extended period of time.  Consumer data, unemployment rates, the housing and the effects of the end of the Iraq War are all expected to have a strong influence over the profits reaped from the Dow Jones this year.

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