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Investors Feel Bullish When It Comes To Alphabet

Apr 24 2018


Market capitalization for Alphabet Inc. peaked at nearly $731 billion, which translates into a share price of around $1,073 for the NASDAQ-traded security. The firm's price-to-sales ratio also outpaced the overall average of the technology segment. Investors have taken the total market capitalization and divided it by the company's sales figures to calculate this ratio.

How GOOG Stock Maintains Value

Alphabet Inc. doesn't offer a traditional dividend in the form of additional shares or any sort of cash payment. In fact, the exchange lists their dividend payout ratio as zero for the last year. The company's shares have traded over a huge range, however, which has helped to make money for investors. Over the last twelve months, GOOG stock has been trading anywhere from around $839 to around $1,187 at any given time.

Stock volatility was recorded at slightly over two percent compared to three percent last month, which means that the security might have finally stabilized. Weekly performance figured ended on a positive note at four percent, which once again helps to show that the lack of a physical dividend hasn't meant much for investors using a buy and hold strategy.

Stochastic indicators, like those developed by George Lane, have stayed at nearly 90 percent over the last two weeks. When you consider the fact that the figures for the last nine days are even higher, it becomes obvious just how strong this security is. Even if you were to take a look at the long-term picture, the indicators stand at around 75 percent. This should more than prove that even without tradition incentives, GOOG securities are good performers that are worth the bullish rating investors are giving to them.

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