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What It Takes to Theoretically Solve the Euro Zone Crisis

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The ongoing saga that is the Euro Zone crisis shows no sign of ending anytime soon. Sure there have been promises, schemes and commitments put out there but without any real tangible action it seems the fate of Europe is in limbo. While the Euro Zone is essentially an economic and financial crisis, the real heart of the issue lies in the political realm. So what is it going to take to completely solve the Euro Zone economy crisis? Let’s take a look at a few of the key aspects that need to change and fast.

The brewing US debt crisis - Solutions that can help you with your debt blues

As the Congress turns its attention to the US budget and the nation's fiscal situation, the debates over the debt ceiling that have been seething underneath the surface could boil in the near future. The US Treasury is of the opinion that the nation will reach its debt limit within April, 15, 2011 and the Administration officials are ringing the caution bells and warning the US debtors of the dire financial consequences if the $14.3 trillion debt ceiling is not raised. But the Republicans say that they won't commit themselves to such a financial move unless the President Barack Obama takes some solid steps to weigh down the country's pocketbook. Raising the debt ceiling will not mean an opportunity to spend more. Rather there has to be effective cuts on the spending floor to get better results.

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