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Wal-Mart Misses First Quarter Profit

May 20 2015


The large US retailer, Wal-Mart, missed its first quarter earnings with slower sales and currency issues. Analyst were looking for profit of $1.05 a share but the company was only able to report $1.03 a share. Sales were also light with both Wal-Mart and Sam’s Wholesale seeing a slowing a sales growth. International revenue struggled due to the strong US currency in comparison to the devaluation of almost every other currency. $14 billion in sales is to be lost this year from currency issues, that equates to 13 cents a year in profit.

Gold: Currency or Commodity?

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The best way to buy gold depends on what an investor is looking for, but there are several options that can be chosen. Gold has been used to store value for centuries, and it offers buyers a great way to realize a profit while minimizing risks. More traders are choosing to include gold in their portfolio, and they have worked to develop the best way to buy gold. Gold can be found as a currency, for example, as many coins are offered to traders, and gold bars are sometimes made from this material. Investors can also buy gold by the ounce, or they may choose to purchase stocks that follow the gold market.

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