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PayPal Adds Crypto Buying Options in Competition with Coinbase

PayPal Adds Crypto Buying Options in Competition with Coinbase



PayPal and Venmo are finally here with a terrific deal. They are beginning to provide buying and selling of cryptocurrencies. PayPal plays an impeccable role to connect buyers and sellers. It's known for its quirky services in the entire globe.

PayPal and Venmo, are among the World's most secure currency exchange agents. The giants are moving from analogue to digital coins. Being a digital asset, cryptocurrency is becoming a top-notch medium of exchange.


There is a wide range of options, for purchasing and selling cryptocurrency.


You can buy or sell your crypto at the comfort of your house. It is a dazzling option which saves you scuffle. No wasting time on lunatic traffic jam. It's just a click away. Log in to your favorite online wallet and save time.


You can buy your cryptocurrency in cash. In case you don't have a bank account, worry not. It is one of the simplest methods of buying crypto. It is faster and confidential. To buy cash, you must have an online wallet. Most exchanges take that as a mandatory requirement.


You can buy your crypto using credit or debit card. This method was believed to be hard. But several exchange companies have made it easy. These include but not limited, Coinmama and Coinbase. You must have a bitcoin wallet.


Customers are in a position to join coin base account to PayPal. Based on your locality, you may purchase or sell the digital assets using either of the accounts.

The only foreseeable challenge is the way PayPal operates. PayPal principle is that if you can't prove you supplied goods to the buyer, they send the money back. In this instant, there is no visible evidence that one has received crypto. Thus, other companies see it as a threat to dealing with PayPal.


• Complete personal details authentication, indicating the right country.

• Go to setting and then click on the joined accounts.

• Select PayPal by clicking on the new account.

• Log in to PayPal.

After completing these steps successfully, trade the digital stock via PayPal.


PayPal is expected to launch this service soon. Most likely in three months. PayPal refused to divulge their schedule. PayPal CEO Dan Schulman disclosed his intention for this year. The CEO intends to liquidate Venmo which has an estimated close to 52 million accounts. PayPal is said to be combining effort with other exchange companies to source for liquidity.

By the start of this year, PayPal advertised several open positions. Both for a research team and engineering. That's a clear indication they are well furnished to create a digital payment podium.

BREAKING: Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency About to ERUPT | PayPal to Let Users Buy Cryptocurrency in US!

Be Smart And Spend Your Cryptocurrency

Be Smart And Spend Your Cryptocurrency

It's Time that You Acknowledge Crypto Currency. No need to be afraid - lots of places now recognize it lists the Best Ways Your Business Can Use Cryptocurrency in 2018.

It is 2018 and by now if you are unaware what Bitcoin or LiteCoin is, your financial research is limited. Cryptocurrency came in with a bang and in recent years there has been an unprecedented surge in its market value. In a matter of 5 years, the value of cryptocurrency went from 1.6 billion US dollars to 300 billion US dollars. In 2017 alone, many businesses start to accept Bitcoin with an increase of 11.4 percent in its acceptance.

Online Purchasing

More people are now making online purchasing by using their cryptocurrency and many retail and online stores now accept payments in cryptocurrency.

Some businesses find themselves uncertain on what to do with the accumulated cryptocurrency. While in some instances the cryptocurrency is converted into cash but it takes few days and fluctuation in cryptocurrency can bring it down in monetary value. The best option is to reinvest the currency back in the business. is a digital publication that has researched extensively on how businesses can spend and reinvest the cryptocurrency they are earning.

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