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Gold Futures Prices On The Rise

Gold Futures Prices On The Rise

Men have always been willing to go for broke to get their hands on gold and silver. In many cases it didn't come easy. For others, being in the right place at the right time paid off.

There have been many times that the word got out of a gold strike and families packed up and headed across country to find their fortunes as gold futures prices skyrocketed.

This time line takes you through the history of many such times. The eras of miners risking it all to get gold. After everything they did to get there, no matter how minute the amount, it was all they had to hold on to.

What Could Mark Zuckerberg Buy if He Sold Facebook?

Mark Zuckerberg has had quite a time over the last week, not only has he managed to pull off the largest tech IPO in history, but he also found the time to get married the day after. It's widely known that Zuckerberg is a wealthy individual, but after the recent IPO just how wealthy is he?    Well Mark Zuckerberg is now estimated to be worth around $19bn after he upped his share in the social media giant Facebook to over 30%. So just how wealthy does that leave him? This infographic analyzes just how much money he would have if he sold his share in the company and puts it all into everyday perspective by seeing just what he could buy with his new found billions.    Remember, this is just a little fun and assuming that he would be able to sell his share and avoid all taxes, yet it does demonstrate just how wealthy this 28 year old now is!

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