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6 Questions to Ask Yourself Prior to Making an Investment

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If you have financial goals in mind and you've already paid off all of your credit cards, then there's still some factors to consider regarding investing for the future.  This could be savings for the purchase of a house, college tuition, or retirement planning.

You still have to know not only how you plan on utilizing the savings in the future, but you also have to ask yourself several other questions. Many of these types of investments are not are not insured or guaranteed by the U.S. Government. Before you make your investments find out the answers to the following 6 questions:

7 Investments Baby Boomers Should Consider

Baby Boomer Investment

Baby boomers have seen the most prosperous economic times in their youth. It is estimated that a larger part of global wealth is still owned and controlled by baby boomers.  Now as majority of that generation reaches the retirement age, the economic conditions are not very favorable. However, as they have always been a lucky generation, they are still lucky enough to be retiring in a time where there are many investment opportunities.

How to Define your Exact Returns on Investment


Returns on investment or ROI is a commonly heard term in conversations nowadays. Any effort in terms of time and money must yield returns. If taken literally, ROI is the benefit or return that accrues on an investment divided by the cost incurred on that investment. However, most time ROI crops up when one expects some returns for the effort put in.

Is Spread Betting Worth The Risk?

Feb 21 2011


Spread betting has thrived since the dotcom crash of 2002 and seemed to escape relatively unscathed as a strategy in the aftermath of the credit crunch. Although now regarded as a “legitimate” investment strategy, at its core spread-betting is still gambling, not investing. You are taking a punt on the future movement (either up or down) of a share price, index or a commodity just as you would on a race track.  

Autozone Climbs as Earnings Approach

Autozone (AZO) Climbs as Earnings Approach

Despite a slight sell off down to the $175 a share range along with the market swoon Monday this week, the stock of Autozone (AZO)continues to perform and is close once again to a new 52 week high. The stock has moved back to $185 over the past three days within reach of the current year period high of $187.94. With earnings season approaching, the stock should behave well over the near term.

Markets Fall and Will Fall Further

Markets Fall and Will Fall Further

The markets began correcting at the end of April with three out of four of the market stock indexes now giving a sell signal. Taking a look at the index charts present on their home page, you can clearly see the top formations and the hold signals at the end of April this year. The sell signals all came yesterday on the major downturn for the markets with the Nasdaq Composite, the Down Jones Industrials, and the Standard & Poors 500 all in the red today.

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