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What the Fifteen Dollar Minimum Wage Means for Cities


The debate over the $15 dollar minimum wage has two sides, one that believes that the higher wages will mean less jobs and the side that wants to see better incomes for employees in low skill jobs in America. Currently 2 states and 4 cities have passed laws to increase the minimum wage to this level over the next couple of years. This higher wage will have negative impacts on businesses and the workers that currently are employed there, while limiting the number of available jobs for young workers.

Franchise locations of the popular fast food chain McDonalds are everywhere and employee millions of American workers. But the franchises only keep 6 cents of every dollar of revenue that they generate, the rest goes to staff, food, rent, etc. A typical franchise has income of $2.6 million a year or $156,000. With this new minimum wage, 15 employees will cost the franchise 75% of its profit for the year. The company will attempt to increase revenue through price increases but customers are sensitive to these increases and lower wage earnings will be most affected by the increase in their purchases.

Consumers Enjoying New Menu Items At McDonalds

Jun 11 2013
English: McDonalds' sign in Harlem.

English: McDonalds' sign in Harlem. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Consumers Enjoying New Menu Items At McDonalds

With the addition of McDonalds new premium menu items, such as Chicken McWraps, Egg White Delight sandwiches and blueberry pomegranate smoothies, consumers now have the option of choosing healthier menu options. This is an important factor for many of today's families, especially health conscious adults; however, these healthier food options are definitely something that many others are also finding very appealing.

Burger King Restaurant Sales Are Up

Burger King

Burger King (Photo credit: jhmostyn)

Burger King Restaurant Sales Are Up

Burger King does well as McDonalds falters.

Last quarter, Burger King did better than expected, in contrast to McDonalds worst performance in restaurant sales in nearly a decade.

Executives from the company did not say whether increased restaurant sales and new customers were from McDonalds or other competitors, such as Wendy's, KFC, A&W, Hardees, Carl Jr.s, and other fast food establishments.

Daniel Schwartz, CFO says they expect to keep the share of business they have gained, and sales have continued to grow this October.

McDonalds Corp (MCD) Climbs to a 52 Week High

Mcdonalds seoul

Image via Wikipedia

McDonalds Corp (MCD) Climbs to a 52 Week High

Based out of Oak Brook, Illinois, McDonalds Corp and its stock again perform well even as the overall market softens during the summer months. The worldwide food service retailer has a current market cap over $85 Billion with a dividend of 2.44 a share or 3.00%, a decent return considering the current interest rates offered on bank accounts in America.

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