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Investment Strategies for Women

The rich, as Voltaire said, require an abundan...

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Years ago, women depended on their husbands to bring home the money, invest it, take care of it and save it. Times have changed, thank God, and women are controlling their own finances and investments with the money that they make. Women are choosing what to do with their money and how to protect their futures, their families and their careers.

Great Novels About Money

Everybody has an opinion about money. Most people express their feelings about money with pithy clichés: “money makes the world go round”; “a penny saved is penny earned”; “money is the root of all evil.” However, for the truly talented it’s not enough to spout off a few lines about money – they have to go and write a whole book about it. Here are three great novels about money, that delve into exactly what people will do in order to get it.

How Small Businesses Can Save Money

Small Businesses

Small businesses always operate on small budgets which require a tight rein on costs. Tough economic conditions, recessions and slumps always have the worst impact on small businesses, survival is possible only by adopting cost control methods.

Small business owners today have the advantage of having access to a host of internet based services that come free or at minimal expenses and help them save on administration costs especially those related to IT. Cloud based services are a typical example of what small businesses have at their disposal.

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