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What's Financial Wisdom anyway?

Mortgage Loan Fraud Assessment based upon Susp...

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What makes one person more capable of making wise informed financial decisions, more than another person? Maturity? Experience? Intelligence? Education? Most likely, it's a combination of experience and common sense. There's no lesson quite as meaningful as the one we learn from a bad first-hand experience so, very often, the best advice will come from someone who's been burnt financially in the past!

It might seem that it's wise to never ever borrow and just live within our means throughout our whole lives. While there's certainly something to be said for that, debt is not always a bad thing. It's not necessarily wise to suggest to a young person or a potential mortgage-holder that they simply resist the urge to borrow. Effective debt-management often makes a great deal more sense than a total lack of debts in the first place. After all, one of the main criteria that banks use when assessing an applicant's suitability for a loan is credit rating i.e. the applicant's history of borrowing and, more importantly, history of repaying.

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