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Halliburton Profit Jumps 17%

Oct 22 2013
English: Halliburton Annual Revenue

English: Halliburton Annual Revenue (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Halliburton Profit Jumps 17%

Halliburton beat its earnings expectations with a seventeen percent profit jump this week, owing largely to its operations on a global scale. The oilfield company, which as traditionally seen dominance in U.S. markets, points to its expansion efforts in the Eastern hemisphere as its source of success. The company states that it has invested over one billion dollars in new facilities (notably in Singapore, Saudi Arabia and Brazil) and cites its continued global expansion as a major source of profit. Halliburton was not the only company to post gains on Monday - its two largest rivals continued their own oil-drilling growth and increased their profits handily.

Office Appliances Accounts for the Majority of Business Electric Costs

Wind turbines (Vendsyssel, Denmark, 2004)

Wind turbines (Vendsyssel, Denmark, 2004) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The price of operating a business has skyrocketed over the last two decades, but it is possible to cut costs when it comes to electricity. Office appliances now account for the majority of electric costs. When you choose the right office appliances, operate office appliances correctly and compare business electricity prices you can save your business thousands of pounds each year.

Office Appliances Eats Profit

Office appliances are the largest electrical expense of your business. The more equipment you use and the longer it stays powered on, the more profit it continues to eat. However, if you understand exactly which pieces of office appliances consume the most electricity and what you can do to prevent waste, then you will begin to see the savings directly on your bottom line.

Despite 55% Net Income Loss, Allstate Manages To Profit

Hurricane Katrina in the Gulf of Mexico near i...

Image via Wikipedia

Allstate Corp., the second largest home and auto insurance company in the United States, announced a significant fall in net income during its third quarter earnings call. The year-over-year loss of net income was significant; the company had posted $367 million in the previous third quarter, compared to $165 million this year. Despite losing 55 percent in net income, Allstate's third quarter earnings beat overall expectations, resulting in shares rising as much as 6% in after hours trading on Monday.

Exxon-An Example Of Success

Exxon Mobile

Exxon-An Example Of Success

Exxon Mobil, is one of America’s biggest oil companies and has just reported yesterday a huge fifty-three percent profit increase in 2010’s fourth-quarter.  This is due to the world’s slowly recovering economy and the increase in crude oil prices per barrel.  This was their best reported profit in over 2 years.  This shows the trend of the oil market since 2007 when it was up, then crashed in 2009 before making its way back up by the end of last year.   This is not uncommon results in the oil industry as this profit margin can be seen all across the board in other refinery businesses.  

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