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China Growth And Oil Trading Fears

Jul 28 2015


Fear of China Growth Crush Oil & Commodities

US oil prices remained on their downhill slide Monday. In the U.S. a barrel of crude hit a 52-week low coming in at $47.20 a barrel. This launched investors into reeling and reacting to China's largest 1-day stock sell-off since 2007. Worries over an oil glut continued to gain momentum as the fears of economic slowdown in China swept the world.

Today China is the world's second-largest economy. It is, however, no longer growing at its old double-digit pace like it was only a few short years ago. This is causing investors worldwide to question its reported 7% growth during the second quarter, and to wonder if that figure truly reflects China's economy to date.

Investing in Google in the Future


During the next 25 years, stock trading and investing is expected to change significantly and investing in Google is anticipated to be a big part of these changes. Another big change might be personal and useful trading advice from a digital avatar.

Although it sounds like science fiction, the concept of getting trading advice this way is expected to be part of daily life during the next two decades. These high tech advisors have several advantages, including the fact that they can process large volumes of data much more efficiently than a human can, and they can offer advice faster, based on the data.

A Look At The SureTrader Online Platform


SureTrader is one of the best available choices for penny stock trading over the short term. The company is based out of the Bahamas and works with US-based firms for transactions. The CEO of SureTrader recently addressed LiveStock on demand and spoke about the qualities that set the business apart from competitors.

The clients of SureTrader are not subject to the rules of pattern day trading and are able to trade as much or as little as they decide. They are not limited to only three trades within a normal five-day trading time frame.

The Benefits Of Short Trading With SureTrader

Located in the Bahamas, SureTrader also clears the United State's rules and regulations regarding short trading with penny stock. SureTrader offers a long list of incentives for consideration.
If you deal with SureTrader, you will not have to adhere to the Pattern Day Trader Rule. You will be allowed to trade as you wish and will not have to settle for trading over 3 days out of the five in the trading period.

SureTrader recognizes that not all clients will have 25 thousand dollars actively available for account use at all times. You can do business without the common minimum.
Unlike many other firms, SureTrader asks for a small minimum of $2K to open an account.

Amazon Expanding In New Jersey And Canada


Given the increase sales demands generated in part by features such as Amazon Prime, Inc. has recently announced plans to open a New Jersey fulfillment center.  As one of the top U.S. online retailers with growth projections continuing to increase, Amazon recently released holiday sales numbers that were more favorable than predicted and that generate a real need for increased production facilities for packing and shipping of merchandise.  In addition, Amazon announced that it plans to further expand its services in Canada by offering Amazon Prime services there in the near future, giving Canadian customers access to the same shipping savings options as U.S. customers.

Fast Stock Swing Trading And How To Go About It

Fastmoney stock-swing-trading is very possible and a lot of people are practicing it. 80% of those trading online, end up losing money while 95% of those who try to acquire fastmoney stock-swing-trading lose their cash.You have to study and practice and learn on the good money management skills and strict discipline skills.

Identification is a very important requirement in swing trade.Swing traders work with price moves that runs like five or more days.They purchase on pullbacks. Fastmoney stock-swing-trading do not need people to concern themselves unlike the long-term trading.

You should be very careful when engaging in trend trading and other longer term systems that includes purchasing stocks in definitive ways and sticking to these for a few months and probably years.There is more profitable compared to fastmoney stock-swing-trading.This methods are hardly what disadvantages the short-term traders,rather their downfall is due to psychological issues and problems with management of money.

About Sales Tax Holidays during Back To School


Each year at the beginning of August, "Back To School" season comes to the United States.  In sixteen states within our nation's borders, this brings with it a weekend of sales tax holidays.  This tax-free hiatus is intended to provide parents with a small break when buying back-to-school books, uniforms, and other supplies. During the August 2-4 weekend, Alabama, Florida, Arkansas, Louisiana, Iowa, New Mexico, Missouri, Oklahoma, North Dakota, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia will host sales tax holidays.   Georgia and Texas will hold their holidays during the August 9-11 weekend, while Maryland's holiday runs all week long (from the 11th to the 17th).  Likewise, Connecticut's weekend extends from August 18 to August 24.

Analyst Predicting a 30% Increase in Tesla Stock


Tesla stock (TSLA) has done well over the past three months and beaten the overall market this past year. Yet analyst at Baird felt the stock could improve an additional 30% this year while keeping their current rating of a buy on the stock. This relates to a move from the current $275/share to $335.

The shareholder meeting tomorrow is one thing the company feels could propel the stock higher. CEO Elon Musk tends to make big announcements about new products and company direction at this meetings. Last time Musk announced that he would stay at the helm of the company for at least 4 more years and spoke about the direction of the company towards automatic driving.

How To Protect Yourself From Rising Interest Rates

Jun 01 2015

There is always the possibility of the rise in interest rates, especially when in comes to bonds. Investing in bonds has becomes an ongoing trend. Sometimes the investment can be a safe one, others times it won't be. There is nothing you can do to stop it, but you can protect yourself from it. How? Below are some tips on how you can invest wisely. Below are also some tips on what to be aware of. This will ensure your investments are secure enough to handle the rising rates, especially during the summer months.

Always keep your eyes peeled on the market. There are two places where the rates rise. One place is in the bonds. The other place is in the bonds with long maturities. Why? It's going to take a long time for the bond to be repaid. The coupons will do very little to help offset the problem.
Your best bet is to look for bonds with higher coupons and shorter periods. These bonds will work better with rising prices. The best type of bond you can get is a junk bond. They usually go for ten years or less. They can bounce back more when it comes to time-sensitive issues.

Floating rate bonds are also a good way to go. If a company is doing well, this is a good sign. A well-balanced economy is also a good sign. If both of these are in tact, this will offset any issues that might arise. Keep your eyes peeled for these indicators.

Wal-Mart Misses First Quarter Profit

May 20 2015


The large US retailer, Wal-Mart, missed its first quarter earnings with slower sales and currency issues. Analyst were looking for profit of $1.05 a share but the company was only able to report $1.03 a share. Sales were also light with both Wal-Mart and Sam’s Wholesale seeing a slowing a sales growth. International revenue struggled due to the strong US currency in comparison to the devaluation of almost every other currency. $14 billion in sales is to be lost this year from currency issues, that equates to 13 cents a year in profit.


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