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5 Websites Where you can Track Your Spending

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Trying to get ahead financially is a huge challenge for many people. The easy solution is to make more money. Of course, if it were that easy, you wouldn’t be reading this article right now. However, if you can learn to work with what you have, and make some changes to your financial habits, then you can get ahead. Here are five websites that can help you track your spending so you can take control of our finances.

Dell Inc. (DELL) Hits 52-Week on Service Deals

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Dell Inc. is a leading designer and manufacturer or Information Technology products and services based out of Round Rock Texas. I recent number of service plan deals on the corporate level have allowed the company to expand its earnings and gotten the attention of investors. The company has a market cap of 32.09 Billion with a recent new 52-week high price of $17.15 a share. Still not offering a dividend, the company once known for growth might be a growth company once-again.

Dell's Acquisition of Compellent Technologies for $800 million

Dell's Acquisition of Compellent Technologies for $800 million

In February 2011, Dell successfully completed its acquisition of Compellent Technologies, Inc. Compellent is a leading provider of innovative storage solutions on the web with automated data management capabilities. The shareholders of Compellent also agreed on the terms of the acquisition during a stakeholders meeting.

How to Define your Exact Returns on Investment


Returns on investment or ROI is a commonly heard term in conversations nowadays. Any effort in terms of time and money must yield returns. If taken literally, ROI is the benefit or return that accrues on an investment divided by the cost incurred on that investment. However, most time ROI crops up when one expects some returns for the effort put in.

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