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Despite 55% Net Income Loss, Allstate Manages To Profit

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Allstate Corp., the second largest home and auto insurance company in the United States, announced a significant fall in net income during its third quarter earnings call. The year-over-year loss of net income was significant; the company had posted $367 million in the previous third quarter, compared to $165 million this year. Despite losing 55 percent in net income, Allstate's third quarter earnings beat overall expectations, resulting in shares rising as much as 6% in after hours trading on Monday.

Best Websites for Stock Traders

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If you want to start trading stocks online, it’s very important to go with a website that works well for your needs and skill level. Whether you’re just starting out in trading at all, or simply moving to an online venue, there are various options to explore. Your money is extremely important, so you don’t want to make a decision about where you will trade without doing some research. When trying to find a stock trading website, really learn about what that site will offer you, and seek out user reviews to find out what others who have used it think about it. Just like any decision regarding your money, it’s not one to take lightly. To get started, here are some online stock trading websites to consider.

Investment Rules According to Warren Buffett

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Everyone knows Warren Buffett as the billionaire who made his fortune through simple investment rules combined with savvy expertise with balance sheets. Granted, he gave most of his fortune away and lives an extremely humble life, but that’s by choice and not necessity. Warren Buffet is the Yoda of investment and a financial philanthropist whose actions inadvertently command respect.

Rule #1: Don’t lose money. Rule #2: See rule #1. That said and done it’s not as clear-cut as it would seem. Before applying the two investment rules above, there are a set of commandments that need to be followed to ensure you’re not accessing a financial drain.

Why Trading Systems Are Not Profitable For Everyone


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Probably, all the things in this world are based on a difference. Two exactly the same cars turn out to be different in further usage – one of them brakes down faster for some reasons. The same ball at hand does not make two basketball players equally skilled. And so is with Forex trading.

From my own experience, I would say that there is no perfectly profitable system, which would suit two traders at once. As a rule, one of them “drowns” (gets losses) and another “stays afloat” (earns profits). And they both were using the same system.

The major reason for this frustrating disparity is that most of the best and profitable trading systems do not have adamantly set rules. When certain market conditions are met, we often clear entry/exit points and get clear instructions to take a trade. However, it’s often left to us, the traders, to only trade the very best set-ups, so we should be capable of reading the markets and using our intuition.

Will Obamas New Lifeline Catch Any Fish?

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President Obama announced changes in the HARP program today, aimed at allowing more homeowners to refinance their homes. But will it work?

We all know that many homeowners have lost their homes to foreclosure in recent years and many more are unable to afford their mortgage payments. Part of the problem is that interest rates on existing mortgages are high. Many homebuyers purchased homes with a loan that started out with a low (teaser) interest rate which increased after a couple of years. Most of these buyers planned to refinance when their interest rates were raised. The problem is that this house of cards came crashing down. Home values plummeted. Although many homeowners can qualify for a home loan, their home is now worth less than the balance of the loan.

Ways to Grow Your Wealth

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Ways to Grow Your Wealth

Building your wealth and making your money grow is a goal many people strive for and there are a number of approaches you can take to make this happen. Investing is one of best ways of growing your wealth and there are several options available to you to help you get the best return for your money.

Why Invest Your Money?

Investing your money can bring financial security in addition to increasing your wealth and creating an additional income stream. Investing wisely can bring you a better standard of living or the disposable income for the car or house of your dreams, a much needed holiday or can offer you the opportunity to support a cause you are passionate about.

While the benefits of investing are many, it’s important to plan your investments properly in order to grow your money for the right reasons. Growing your wealth simply to gain more money is fine but growing your wealth with a specific purpose in mind is much more satisfying.

Four Investor Networking Sites

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Everyone has heard of the main social networking tools such as Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, but did you know there are also social networking tools for smaller, more niche groups such as investors? If you are interested in joining a social networking site and mixing it up with other investors and traders then these four sites are a good place to start:

What It Takes To Become a Great Stock Broker in Today's Market

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Not everyone is good at finance or learning a new trade. There are, however, individuals out there that would make perfect stock day traders on the London Stock Exchange if they ever decided to buckle down and get the job done. Many of these potential day traders could be very successful at stock broking simply because of their determination to make a living from home. That is; after all, the new British dream. There are certain things that one must posses in order to make it in the stock market. No one of these are overwhelming by themselves, however, when you put them all together, they can be very difficult to accomplish.
  • Confidence is a characteristic that all successful stock traders have in common. Without confidence, there is no need to think about beginning.
  • Another trait that all great men and women who excel at the stock broking game have as a commonality is patience. If there is one thing that you really need to succeed in the stock market, it is the ability to wait a trade out to its fullest potential. The maximization of profits is a vital part of who succeeds and who is only fair.  
  • The ability to learn the stock market inside and out, understanding all of its nuances, and knowing how to read market indicators is also a vital part of stock broking

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