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Introduction to Forex Leverage

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Forex leverage is one of the explanations why so many people are attracted to the Forex market. This is a unique financial instrument which is a characteristic feature of the currency market, allowing to get quite considerable profits (more considerable in comparison to potential profits obtained by the individual trader in other financial markets). However, not all people are aware of what leverage actually is.

Financial Planners with Certifications

Mutual fund

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Planning for retirement, college education of a child or buying a bigger house requires proper management of funds. Many people feel that it is something they can manage themselves - just put the money in a bank and let it earn interest. However, to invest that same amount of money in such a way so that it earns the maximum profit in the minimum amount of time requires the help of a financial planner. Financial planners help one maintain discipline and work out strategies so the goals one wants to achieve are actually met.

The financial world is full of sharks who claim to be “experts”, but, in reality, their only incentives are the bonuses and commissions offered by various insurance and mutual fund selling entities. Finding a financial expert who truly knows what he is talking about and is impartial, with the sole interest of the client at heart is another matter entirely.

How to Choose the Right Investment Broker

An investment broker is a company or an individual who is responsible for buying or selling investments such as stocks and bonds. Individuals who work in this field often have a degree in business or finance and are required to pass a series of test to obtain a license to sell financial securities. Therefore when it comes to investing, many people prefer to hire an investment broker to act to their behalf. Here are some steps you should take when choosing the right investment broker for you and your family.

Passive and Active Investing

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It is so difficult to predict the fluctuating financial market; therefore, it is a challenge to know how to invest your money. You can be a passive investor, or you can be an active investor.

Active investing consists of researching and strategizing your approach to the investment. You will pick and choose which funds to invest. This takes time and patience and lots of work on your part. You will need to analyze the market to find the best opportunities for investments.

McDonalds Corp (MCD) Climbs to a 52 Week High

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McDonalds Corp (MCD) Climbs to a 52 Week High

Based out of Oak Brook, Illinois, McDonalds Corp and its stock again perform well even as the overall market softens during the summer months. The worldwide food service retailer has a current market cap over $85 Billion with a dividend of 2.44 a share or 3.00%, a decent return considering the current interest rates offered on bank accounts in America.

An effective Personal Finance and Retirement Plan

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Personal finance means to optimize the use of your money so it gives you profit. It includes saving and utilizing your finances in an appropriate manner. Carrying out personal finance is not a difficult task. It involves planning and strategic approach. Personal finance does not require any age, gender or qualification. You can do it even when you are very old or you can either save your money when you are a college going student. There are a number of ways through which you can effectively carry out a plan for your personal finance. Retirement planning is just one example of personal finance.

How to Use 401(k) Funds to Start a New Business

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There are a lot of people who would point out that 401(k) funds should never be used for anything other than for your old age and your retirement, but there will always be potential business owners and entrepreneurs out there who cannot think of anything they want more in life than to get their business up and running or fund their one truly great business idea. In short, if you want to embark on a seat of your pants business venture and don’t care about your retirement then it is possible, if ill-advised,  to use 401(k) funds to start your business.

Key Saver Secrets: Being a success at saving.

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Have you noticed that some people seem to be incredibly successful at saving and others seem to struggle to save at all? There are ways everyone can be a more successful saver.

There are no hard and fast rules, as everyone has different financial circumstances and different requirements from their savings, however there are some basic principles that can be applied to everybody.

Knowledge is key. Where do you currently hold savings accounts and are they paying the best return? How much do you owe? What interest rates are you currently paying? What is your financial goal?

These are all basic questions to ask yourself and from there, you can make changes that will put you on the path to your savings dream.

On Target for Wealth: Where to Put Your Energy

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The formula for growing your bank account is actually very simple. Either you bring in more money, or you spend less money. So what is the most successful approach? As in many other parts of life, moderation is the key. You will have greater success with your financial goals if you do a little bit of both decreased spending and increased earning. Focusing on one or the other instead of both can create too much stress for too little outcome.

Practical Tips to Protect your Finances During Retirement


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The National Center for Health Statistics positively reports that life expectancy for our elderly population has increased to an average span of 80 years old. The reaction to these statistics have been mixed, with some looking optimistically ahead while others are dreading what these longer years of retirement mean for their finances.

Your quality of life today can help determine the kind of lifestyle you will lead upon retirement. Financial websites like explain that while many of us are busily preparing for the more immediate future, those who start planning their retirements early on are those who will live more fulfilling post-retirement days. Experts further explain that as retirement becomes one of the most critical phases in one's life, ensuring that you have enough assets to maintain a quality living standard is a must.

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