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Notorious Cocaine Drug Trafficker Named In Forbes Financial Publication Among World’s Wealthiest

Joaquín Guzmán Loera drug lord and lider of th...

Joaquín Guzmán Loera drug lord and lider of the Sinaloa drug cartel in Mexico. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The 1980’s have become known as the time of the cocaine explosion in North America, where this predominately Central American produced drug was consumed by our country in abundance for the first time since prior generations. The 1980’s were a time when cocaine usage crossed into all social and economic lines to sub-urban and rural America, and over into the stereotypical impoverished ghetto’s of the inner city to the hands of lawyers, actors, housewives and the average John Doe. Since then, with the advent of new trends in synthetic illegal narcotics usage such as “ecstasy”, “methamphetamines”, and even prescription drug abuse with the like of “oxycotin” and so on that have since been introduced to the generation y/millenials, the reputation of the drug cocaine usage in has decreased in notoriety as something of the past.

Will the Dow Jones Stay Above 13,000?

Hovering in the 12,800 to the 13,000 range, the Dow Jones is often a barometer of the economy. As the United States economy unfolds in 2012, it will have to overcome several hurdles before the Dow Jones can possibly stay above 13,000 for an extended period of time.  Consumer data, unemployment rates, the housing and the effects of the end of the Iraq War are all expected to have a strong influence over the profits reaped from the Dow Jones this year.

7 Things You Should Know about Trading Penny Stocks

Image representing Timothy Sykes as depicted i...

Image by Young Money Cover 11/07 via CrunchBase

Trading penny stocks has recently become a popular option for investors willing to take a risk for a quick turnaround. However, there are a few things you should know about investing in penny stocks. After all, these aren't the well known companies that you'll be buying stock in. In fact, it may be hard to find adequate information on some of the stocks you're about to purchase. If you want to go through with it, here are seven things you should know about trading penny stocks.

World Bank President Resigns

One of the most revered presidents of the world bank is stepping down. Appointed by President George Bush in 2007, Robert Zoellick was World Bank President for five years, until today when he stepped down. He came from a highly experienced background as a US Trade Representative, former deputy Secretary of State, and working at Goldman Sachs before taking up the presidential seat of the largest bank in the world.

Crisis Initiative Achievements

Zoellick has been recognized as being the positive driving force behind World Bank’s historical role during the most recent economic crisis. During his tenure Zoellick used record financial capacity to assist developing countries with growth and poverty eradication.

This amazing businessman was the first person to alert the developing world to the food crisis that was about to hit and made a point of lending an additional $6billion per year to ensure agriculture could keep up with the demand.

How Do I Use Private Equity Market?

The value of the equity invested in business not publicly traded is known as the private equity market.

Why not just get a bank loan?

Since the early 1970’s the private equity market has been growing steadily.  The private equity market continues performing strongly and is still in growth today despite the still unfavorable financial climate.  A greater proportion of equity is generated across the private equity market as venture capitalists invest less and less regularly and with smaller financial commitments.  Banks are becoming highly reluctant to lend with the economy remaining so volatile.  Businesses are looking more than ever to the private equity market to raise capital.

How To Find Investors

Businesses often decide that they need investment to either keep the business alive or kick start a period of growth.  What is the best way to find investors for your business?

Where to look

There are a number of ways for businesses to find investors in the private equity marketplace.  As a business, there are a number of reasons for which you may need to raise equity quickly, and as such different reasons will lead you to different equity providers.

5 Of The Most Influential Young Entrepreneurs

More and more young people are coming up with innovative and million dollar ideas and brands. It is an incredibly exciting time especially in the social media sphere with countless gaps in the market and marketing strategies. In this interesting article we look at 5 of the most influential young entrepreneurs and their young entrepreneur stories and while reading their stories of success, we will near hand to face and slap ourselves for not thinking about their idea before they did.

Sam Walton: Wal-Mart Visionary

Very few people know the highly intelligent entrepreneur who was the sharp mind behind WalMart. Sam Walton, founder of one of the most highly-recognized stores in the world, was a visionary who understood the need for everyone to have access to goods without suffering financially. Living through the Great Depression, and working to help his parents make ends meet, Sam was given an education on the responsibilities of adulthood, from an early age.

Early Years

Born to Thomas Walton and Nancy Lee, in 1918, Sam Walton had it in him from an early age to succeed in anything he put his mind to. As the Great Depression spiraled, taking many families and businesses down with it, Sam set about making money. He milked cows, bottled the surplus milk and took it to customers. He also delivered newspapers and magazine subscriptions for extra cash. The youngest Eagle Scout in Oklahoma’s state history, Sam graduated with the honor of “Most versatile boy.”

Just after graduation Sam Walton started work at JC Penny’s, but resigned to join the military. He served at Fort Douglas, Utah, and with his great leadership skills he had been promoted to Captain by the time he left the military.

Is Tesco Taking Over The World?

The Tesco Clubcard logo.

Image via Wikipedia

Tesco is one of the biggest grocery retailers in the world. Most people think of them as just a British supermarket, but their reach spans a lot further than that, and they are involved in many more markets than just groceries. Some people feel that Tesco is taking over the world, and that if they continue to expand then they could end up with far too much power.

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