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Four Investor Networking Sites

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Everyone has heard of the main social networking tools such as Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, but did you know there are also social networking tools for smaller, more niche groups such as investors? If you are interested in joining a social networking site and mixing it up with other investors and traders then these four sites are a good place to start:

What It Takes To Become a Great Stock Broker in Today's Market

LONDON, ENGLAND - FEBRUARY 01:  Xavier Rolet, ...

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Not everyone is good at finance or learning a new trade. There are, however, individuals out there that would make perfect stock day traders on the London Stock Exchange if they ever decided to buckle down and get the job done. Many of these potential day traders could be very successful at stock broking simply because of their determination to make a living from home. That is; after all, the new British dream. There are certain things that one must posses in order to make it in the stock market. No one of these are overwhelming by themselves, however, when you put them all together, they can be very difficult to accomplish.
  • Confidence is a characteristic that all successful stock traders have in common. Without confidence, there is no need to think about beginning.
  • Another trait that all great men and women who excel at the stock broking game have as a commonality is patience. If there is one thing that you really need to succeed in the stock market, it is the ability to wait a trade out to its fullest potential. The maximization of profits is a vital part of who succeeds and who is only fair.  
  • The ability to learn the stock market inside and out, understanding all of its nuances, and knowing how to read market indicators is also a vital part of stock broking

Investment Strategies for Women

The rich, as Voltaire said, require an abundan...

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Years ago, women depended on their husbands to bring home the money, invest it, take care of it and save it. Times have changed, thank God, and women are controlling their own finances and investments with the money that they make. Women are choosing what to do with their money and how to protect their futures, their families and their careers.

Introduction to Forex Leverage

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Forex leverage is one of the explanations why so many people are attracted to the Forex market. This is a unique financial instrument which is a characteristic feature of the currency market, allowing to get quite considerable profits (more considerable in comparison to potential profits obtained by the individual trader in other financial markets). However, not all people are aware of what leverage actually is.

Financial Planners with Certifications

Mutual fund

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Planning for retirement, college education of a child or buying a bigger house requires proper management of funds. Many people feel that it is something they can manage themselves - just put the money in a bank and let it earn interest. However, to invest that same amount of money in such a way so that it earns the maximum profit in the minimum amount of time requires the help of a financial planner. Financial planners help one maintain discipline and work out strategies so the goals one wants to achieve are actually met.

The financial world is full of sharks who claim to be “experts”, but, in reality, their only incentives are the bonuses and commissions offered by various insurance and mutual fund selling entities. Finding a financial expert who truly knows what he is talking about and is impartial, with the sole interest of the client at heart is another matter entirely.

How to Choose the Right Investment Broker

An investment broker is a company or an individual who is responsible for buying or selling investments such as stocks and bonds. Individuals who work in this field often have a degree in business or finance and are required to pass a series of test to obtain a license to sell financial securities. Therefore when it comes to investing, many people prefer to hire an investment broker to act to their behalf. Here are some steps you should take when choosing the right investment broker for you and your family.

Passive and Active Investing

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It is so difficult to predict the fluctuating financial market; therefore, it is a challenge to know how to invest your money. You can be a passive investor, or you can be an active investor.

Active investing consists of researching and strategizing your approach to the investment. You will pick and choose which funds to invest. This takes time and patience and lots of work on your part. You will need to analyze the market to find the best opportunities for investments.

McDonalds Corp (MCD) Climbs to a 52 Week High

Mcdonalds seoul

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McDonalds Corp (MCD) Climbs to a 52 Week High

Based out of Oak Brook, Illinois, McDonalds Corp and its stock again perform well even as the overall market softens during the summer months. The worldwide food service retailer has a current market cap over $85 Billion with a dividend of 2.44 a share or 3.00%, a decent return considering the current interest rates offered on bank accounts in America.

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